BIELA is a clothing brand established in 2017 in Slovakia. As we believe that less is more, our main goal is to keep minimalism, cleanness and simplicity in everyday life.  

The brand insists on bringing comfort into daily experience as it uses sophisticated materials and wide shapes blending with the figure lightly. At the same time, the tough cotton combined with basic, sharp shapes is aimed to provide a long-term resistance. Besides the pureness, BIELA also brings honest quality of local production coming along with the uniqueness of our products.

We manage the whole production in-house and keep focus on the natural composition of the materials. Our premium quality collection fabrics are made in Italy. We prefer slow manufacture, being able to adjust to the actual demand and season. Therefore, our stock list is usually kept to the minimum, as we also aim to avoid overproduction. 

We believe that with variation and good care you can wear our products forever.


SOM Store    Mlynské Nivy, Bratislava

SHOP UP STORIES    Římská 35, Praha

BO Store & Banannachair Showroom    Široká 163, Liberec

object concept store    Údolní 25, Brno